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假设你程光中学学生会主席李华。你校将于6月26日接待来自美国的某中学的访问团。你受学校委托,负责安排其在天津的活动。请根据提示,给美国的领队Smith 先生写一封电子邮件,介绍活动安排并简要说明理由,最后征求对方的意见。 1.上午与我校学生座谈(如校园文化,文化差异)2.中午与我校同学共进午餐(饺子,面条等) 3.下午和我校学生游览海河。

范文: Dear Mr. Smith ,

I am Lihua ,chairman of the student union , from chenguang high schoo. I am very pleased to learn that you are coming to visit our school on June 26. I am writing to tell you what we have arranged for you.

In the morning , there will be a forum in the school auditorium , where visitors and students from our school communicate with each other ,talking about school life and cultural differences . At noon, you are invited to have lunch in our school cafeteria with students from our school. You can taste dumplings ,noodles and other Chinese foods .In the afternoon, the students in our school will show you around the HaiHe river .

How do you like the arrangements ? I hope you will have a nice time in Tian jing

Yours sincerely ,

Li Hua



参考词汇: 告示牌sign


Mind Your Behavior in Public Places

Last Sunday, I went sightseeing with my friends in the Fairy Lake Park. The park was full of freshness and beauty of spring, with the sun shining and birds singing. When I was enjoying the fantastic scenery around, something unpleasant caught my eye. A young couple in a boat were eating, talking and laughing loudly as if they were the only people in the world. What's worse, they spat and even threw rubbish into the lake, totally ignoring the noticeable sign "No Littering" nearby. What a shame!

Such behavior left me deep in thought. If all visitors to the Fairy Lake Park do as the couple did, the lake will be severely polluted and soon turned into a huge dustbin. I think all of us should mind our behavior in public places. Only in this way can we live in more comfortable and beautiful surroundings.


Should Men and Women Be Equal?

People have different ideas about this issue, Some people say that men are superior to women in ability because men are physically stronger, do most of the hard labor in the world and hold most important positions. Other people believe that women have the ability to compete with men. There have been many famous women state leaders and great scientists in the world. We should fully carry out the principle “to each according to his work” so that the enthusiasm of both men and women for work can be fully aroused.


In Money Everything?

I don‘t think money is everything, but we can’t do without it. Fox example, money can‘t buy us happiness and a good education. And for another example, money can’t buy us good health and a long life. But we can not live without money. 

We need it for our daily necessities such as food, clothes and transportation. What‘s more, we need it to live a better life. In short, we should learn the value of money and make the most of its advantages.




1.描述照片内容,如情景、人物、动作,等等;2. 结合自身实际,谈谈你的感想;3. 举例说明你能为家长减负做些什么。


The burden of students has been a hot topic for years, but the load of parents has received little attention, especially from their own children.

The picture shows a touching moment when a little girl comes to greet her working mom. Realizing her mom must be very tired after a day’s work, the girl helps to remove the bag from her shoulders. In response, the mom kneels down to show how happy and thankful she feels.

All this reminds me of my mother who has been doing whatever she could to let me have the best. However, totally engaged in my own study, I seldom pay attention to what mother needs and feels, and always think studying is the only thing I could do in return. Now I know I can do my bit to help with the everyday washing, bedroom cleaning, or at least prepare breakfast myself, so as to share mother’s daily burden. The picture convinces me it is even more important to be a good daughter than a “good” student.